Humanizing Innovation a summit powered by Aether and Credo

October 2-5, 2018
Chattanooga, TN

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The future is here, introduce yourself and say hi.

October 2-4, Aether and Credo will present a unique un-conference that combines knowledge transfer, skill building, storytelling, and networking in the Dynamo of the South—Chattanooga, Tennessee. The summit focuses on ways that companies, organizations, and individuals are humanizing innovation to drive positive change and sustainable growth. You will learn how to create, contribute, and connect the atoms, pixels, currency, and heartbeats required for the ever-evolving experience economy.

The summit is designed to provide actionable next steps to generate a measurable impact for your organization. You will be introduced to others through meaningful discussions, take part in collaborative experiences facilitated by thought leaders, be inspired by the next generation of activists, designers, business leaders, and technologists, all while experiencing the best food, music, and culture the region has to offer.

The Speakers

The Schedule

  • Day 1 - 10/2


    Wired for Next: Human Innovation & Future Thinking Session

    A pre-summit half-day workshop on Futures Thinking with Kedge is available as a first come, first serve opportunity. Requires Summit ticket.

    In this creative and empowering workshop, participants will leverage Futures Thinking to explore what humanity will think, do, and be in light of the unprecedented changes taking place all around us. Participants will explore how to use Futures Thinking and Foresight for developing the new mindsets needed for redefining and reframing humanity in the rapidly changing environment of the 21st Century.


    Opening Party

    Keynote Presentation at the Tennessee Aquarium

    Jules Pieri, The Grommet

    Dinner Provided

  • Day 2 - 10/3


    Keynote Presentation at the Waterhouse Pavilion

    Bob Wheeler, Airstream


    Abby Fisher, The STEMIE Coalition

    Ken Tencer, Spyder Works



    Kayte Compton, InsideSource

    Platt Boyd, Branch Technology

    Charlotte Belland, Columbus College of Art & Design

    Lunch Provided


    Keynote Presentation inside the Cave at Ruby Falls

    Jeevak Badve, Sundberg-Ferar

    Dinner Provided

  • Day 3 - 10/4


    Keynote Presentation at the Waterhouse Pavilion

    Jay Rogers, Local Motors


    Julie Abijanac, Installation Artist

    John Weiss, Human Design



    Diane Seaver, Philips Design

    Local School Kids get interviewed by Aether Co-Founder, Owen Foster

    Lunch Provided


    Closing Party & Keynote Presentation

    Ravi Sawhney, RKS Design

    Bob Wray, Studio Musician from Infamous Fame Studios jams with local musicians

    Dinner Provided

  • Day 4 - 10/5

    Sprintbase™ Workshop

    A post-summit, full-day workshop learning the world’s best platform for driving innovation at scale is available as a first come, first serve opportunity. Requires Summit ticket.

    The Design Thinking Platform for teams. Created by the experienced design thinking practitioners at Treehouse Innovation, Sprintbase™ helps organizations of any size to drive continuous innovation and build design thinking capability at scale. Guided by intelligent process automation and using intuitive workspaces rich with expert tips, tools and templates; virtual teams collaborate from anywhere to tackle innovation challenges and create meaningful impact.

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hi. Humanizing Innovation Summit

Oct 2-5 2018
Chattanooga, TN, United States


Access to all events including Workshop. Bonus access to event media and contact list.

Futures Thinking Pre-Workshop

Oct. 2 - Wired for Next: Human Innovation & Future Thinking Session. Requires Summit Ticket.

Sprintbase™ Post-Workshop

Oct. 5 - Learn Sprintbase™ & earn certification. Requires Summit ticket.


Valid educator I.D. required. Access to all events (excludes Workshop). Bonus access to event media.


Valid student I.D. required. Access to all events (excludes Workshop).

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