Do your best work.
Find your true self.
Connect and create.
Bring it all home.

Let’s cut through the BS.

You are not your degree or your job. You are not what people say you have to be. You’re not stuck in business casual clothes or in other people’s expectations. It’s time to stop settling.

Our immersive programs help you see how your skills fit into the future of business, technology, and design. Build confidence to successfully transform yourself, your career, and your world.

We are a community of makers, dreamers, rebels, movers, shakers, thinkers, designers, scalers, and do-ers. SHiFT accelerates talent, vision, and capabilities to create successful leaders.

Get engaged.
Camps, Fellowships, or Labs. It’s your call how.

Find a path. Make it yours.


Unplug and plug in.

1 Week

A SHiFT Camp is what you make it. But for everyone it’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to dive deep into creativity, conversations, and community.

Great minds, remarkable people, and incredible experiences come together to change you, and your world, for the better.

None of us is as creative as all of us.


You think you got what it takes? Prove it.

12 Weeks

A SHiFT Fellowship gives you new skills, perspectives, resources, and a cohort experience you won’t find anywhere else.

You’ll be solving real world problems for meaningful clients, exposing and enhancing your own strengths, and building a new community along the way.

Dare to design your future.


What can you do in a day?

1-3 Days

Looking for inspiring ways to amplify your skills to drive your company toward an adaptable and exciting future?

SHiFT Labs are focused, facilitated workshops. Using the design process, strategic foresight, and immersive approaches to help you accelerate your ability to challenge the status quo.

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