SHiFT is an open community of makers, thinkers, designers, and creators.

Come join the campfire conversations.

Connect to Industry

Each day, the events, workshops, and discussions will focus on an aspect of the design process. Topics like community, reflection, craft and grit are explored through community challenges.


Build your Community

Instead of relying on algorithms to build our online group of friends, learn to talk with others and connect on a personal level. This investment in human relationships will provide an actionable personal and professional network.


Explore with Friends

Break free from the monotony and set off on an adventure with a fun mixture of personalities and viewpoints. Use this time to experience the world, push yourself, and build memories. 


Lead and Follow

Being a good leader means knowing when to follow. Learn to embrace others’ knowledge and unique skills so you can create better team dynamics. 


Upcoming Events

Humanity's Reach
16 - 21 December 2017 

This SHiFT experience will challenge your mind and amplify your skills as you work together to solve one of man's greatest mysteries. How far can the human race be pushed? What more can we accomplish? What will our future hold? What does it truly mean to be human? Here you will find lunar habitats filled with new friends, rockets and rovers, simulations and challenges, and of course the chance to immerse yourself into the passion that has pushed the human spirit through the clouds and beyond. 

A Day at SHiFT

Daily workshops and discussions will focus on topics like community, reflection, craft, and grit.

Morning lectures and workshops will feature artists, designers, and industry leaders speaking to a variety of topics from design, community and passion.

Explore & Discover Nature

Escape from the routine and break free from bad habits. Spend time with others exploring the natural world around you. With 3000+ acres of forests filled with creeks, caves and trails, there’s endless opportunities to spend time appreciating the world we too often overlook.

Experience Cross-cultural Learning

Cultures, backgrounds, and stories will merge to be shared in a way you’ve never experienced before. Learn from others, teach others, and create something together.

Our Story

The concept for this non-conference has been maturing for years. It started while the founders were attending Auburn University. They would bring students out to the woods for a short time in order to be rejuvenated and find inspiration for their design projects.

This foundation has been matured over many years and now SHiFT is a location inspired platform that uses the design process to connect students and professionals through workshops and community projects.

Events for the college and professional are typically a week long and include deep conversations with thought leaders, physical activities that re-invigorate the soul, and challenges that expand the mind. The single and multi-day K-12 events are focused around team building and understanding the power of the design process.

SHiFT is ultimately about forging strong, long-lasting relationships through hands-on activities in an outdoor setting. By bringing students and professionals from around the world together for a unique experience, we aim to reignite the playful nature of the design process. SHiFT was created for the explorer, maker, and leader in all of us.