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Invigorate Your Career.

We at Aether, understand that professionals at all levels are looking for new ways to drive their organizations toward market leadership. That’s why we developed PRSM, a dynamic learning platform that helps enhance careers and drive innovation within organizations.

PRSM is intended to help mid-career professionals and executives enhance their own skills and learn how to drive innovation within their organizations. By partnering with futurists, artificial intelligence scientists, social innovation entrepreneurs, and advanced manufacturing experts we will develop and facilitate workshops to involve, inform, and inspire change within organizations.

As organizations struggle to remain competitive globally, answers come from real innovation strategies that drive business, build relationships and enhance customer satisfaction. Through a series of workshops and hands on experiences business professionals will learn to deploy the power of design thinking, disruptive innovation and a host of design methodologies and strategies.


Led by seasoned design and business experts, workshops apply the tools of innovative leadership – such as the business model canvas, value proposition, persona development, five forces analysis, and strategic forecasting – guiding participants to new ways of remaining competitive in a global economy.

Young Design Professionals
Will develop skills to make them indispensable within their organizations.
Mid-career Professionals
Will gain powerful insight and new tools to make them more valuable and productive members of their organizations’ leadership.
Will learn to empower their teams with design-thinking strategies intended to drive their organizations toward disruptive innovation.

Our PRSM Partners

To deliver PRSM, Aether’s leadership partners with key figures in the business design industry: Bruce Claxton, former head of the Motorola Solutions Design team; and R Campbell and Jill Yoe Graves, two co-founders and consultants at Volta Collaborative, a service design consultancy with locations in New York City and Savannah, Georgia.


Design Thinking

Through a series of lectures and hands on exercises, participants learn the tools and techniques of one of the most successful and well-known approaches to brand building and business innovation applied in business today.

Team Alignment

This workshop is for organizations that want to collaborate better.

It enables your team to work together to build a Customer Journey Map that helps everyone to see how each member contributes to a great customer experience and brand success of your organization.

Grounded Theory

Grounded Theory is a systematic methodology in the social sciences involving the construction of theory through the analysis of data.

It is intended to be an approach for researchers and designers interested in learning how to add more rigor and validity to their qualitative research efforts.

Business Model Canvas

This workshop teaches the use of the Business Model Canvas as a strategic management and lean startup tool for developing new or enhancing existing business models.

The workshop walks participants through the process value proposition, infrastructure, customers, and finances to illustrate potential trade-offs and align business unit activities.


JETPACK is a business model innovation for emerging start-ups and established businesses. The content offers insight into creating, developing, and growing a business.

It also serves to facilitate the realignment of vision and goals. JETPACK uses a holistic methodology to assess, develop, and commercialize sustaining ventures to invigorate and empower.

VOLTA’S Refresh & Retool

The Refresh and Retool workshop is intended to provide mid-career professionals and young professionals with the tools and knowledge to be indispensable to their organizations.

The program immerses participants in a proven, repeatable process for generating sparks of insight and transforming them into game-changing opportunities.

Develop an event for your team!

The cost of an event can very greatly based on venue, length, and number of participants.