META Preliminary White

Meet META.

META is a co-curricular experience intended to enhance college graduates’ understanding of the world; how they fit into it; and how, through collaboration, they can impact people’s futures.

It's all about bringing
the social scientists, the business minds, the engineers, and designers together.

Focus on

Collaboration Across Disciplines
Business Acumen
Cultural Awareness
Self Confidence

Imagine being on a team with an anthropologist, a mechanical engineer, an architect, and a social entrepreneur.

Living in a village & collaborating with local craft people.

Working with them to develop future economic strategies for their community.

The students get to know the families, their struggles, and their true needs.

These are the experiences we are developing for META.


Meaningful projects that provide the students the chance to work directly with futurists, social entrepreneurs, CEOs, hackers, and basket weavers.

It’s the experiences that will build upon what you have already learned and added that special something extra that will push the next generation of leaders to effectively work anywhere in the world with any team.

Experiences coming soon.

If you have any further inquiries, let us know.