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SHiFT 2016 Alabama

2016 December SHiFT Camp in Tuscumbia, AL

SHiFT 2016 Alabama

2016 June SHiFT Camp in Tuscumbia, AL

SHiFT 2015 Bays Mountain, Tennessee

SHiFT descended on Bays Mountain Park in Tennessee to give back to the community.

SHiFT 2015 Alabama Teaser

Highlights from our 2015 experience in Tuscumbia, Alabama.

SHiFT 2015 Alabama

We made instruments with a legend, built a tent city, and gave back to nature.

Get lost and reflect

Escape from the routine and break free from bad habits. Spend time with others exploring the natural world around you.

The great outdoors

With 3000+ acres of forests filled with creeks, caves and trails, there’s endless opportunities to spend time appreciating the world we too often overlook.

Find your tribe

Cultures, backgrounds, and stories will merge to be shared in a way you’ve never experienced before. Learn from others, teach others, and create something together.

Making without instructions

Shift Design is an open community of makers, connectors, designers, and creators. Come join the campfire conversations!

SHiFT 2013

Our first event in 2013 gathered over 100 design students, educators and professionals from across the southeast and beyond.