we are aether

A think tank for learning

We create transformational experiences intended to develop empathic and strategic leadership at all levels.

Our desire is to locate, inspire, and nurture the world’s future leaders in engineering, business, social science, and design.

Named after the classical fifth element of ancient times, which binds all the elements together, Aether leads international discourse around disruptive education through a systematic ecosystem of layered, alternative learning experiences.

Together with partners, sponsors, and collaborators, we deliver world-class educational experiences that provide a channel for discovery, creation, and reflection for the global community of makers, thinkers, changers, givers, and leaders.

Bridging the Gap

Are educational institutions truly preparing graduates for real-world challenges?

This question plagues administrators around the globe as they struggle to make learning relevant, affordable, and practical in our modern world.

As a think tank for transformational learning and leadership, we seek to address current educational gaps through the process of developing and connecting disruptive models of learning. Building upon its analysis of current teaching approaches, particularly at the post secondary level, Aether will become a leader in research, consultancy, and advocacy for change in higher education.

What We Do

Through our alternative learning experiences we offer participants a refined process through which they gain appropriate amounts of leadership, humility, and global insight for growing and maturing professional intuition.

Business & Education Consulting
Executive Education
Design & Innovation Camps
Post Grad Co-Curricular Experiences

Meet our team

John McCabe
Chief Academic Officer

Advice to younger self:

Don't live for someone else. You must do things that make you happy. You can't live your life, wishing for a life you don't live.

Who is doing work that you find inspiring?

I think the younger generation and how they are questioning everything from business structures, politics, religion and education are the most inspiring.

Technology that gets you excited:

Connected intelligence.

Owen Foster
Chief Student Affairs Officer

Advice to younger self:

Start making a difference earlier. Follow your dream no matter what it takes. Never settle.

Who is doing work that you find inspiring?

So many avenues and people. But I see the next generation of explorers, designers, and leaders doing amazing things and their unique view of change inspiring.

Technology that gets you excited:

The one that allows you to be unplugged.

Tom Gattis
Chief Operating Officer

Advice to younger self:

Don’t be afraid to ask!

Who is doing work that you find inspiring?

My students inspire me through their unique approach and unbridled enthusiasm for design.

Technology that gets you excited:

I am old school – still enjoy my woodshop.

Mission & Values

Our goal is to create freethinking, empathetic practitioners who will passionately lead their local and global communities through logical discourse, impeccable craft, and sound strategic direction.


Providing an environment that enables a healthy lifestyle to not only refresh the soul, but also create a sustainable community.


Creating a culture of open dialogue, authentic interactions, and impeccable details.


Acting with courage that continuously challenges the status quo.


Connecting with the world through transparency, dignity, and respect, to create mutually genuine relationships.


Integrating the best technologies, processes, and partners so that we create the most relevant educational experience possible.


Developing sustainable solutions and experiences that become long-lasting positive foundations upon which others can build.